Elise Largesse is an enthusiast, writer, researcher and photographer currently pursuing a PhD in Sociology at Boston College, with a focus on Environmental Sociology and Sociology of Place, while working as a design researcher at a Boston design firm. She is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, with the exception of an unusual and wonderful fugue to NYC, where as an Honors Scholar she completed a BA in Science, Religion and Human Connection as Sources of Validation in the Face of the Unknown at New York University's Gallatin School.

She is available for print and online publications, reportage and photography for hire, design research for human-centered design, weddings and events, band and music photography, gallery showings, collaboration, literary magazines, book design, flier design, and myriad other things.  Contact Elise Here, or at eliselargesse (at) gmail (dot) com. If you have a tip for a non-fiction piece of writing/research, or a story that needs to be reported, get in touch! 

View Elise Largesse's Resume Here. 

Elise Largesse is the lucky daughter of a brilliant and incredibly kind mother who is forever teaching her how great it is to be a science loving lady and super fly and super weird all at the same time, alongside the Latin names for all the flowers in her garden so that even in NYC's parks she's reminded that she's loved; she is the lucky sister of a grounding and inspiring brother who teaches practical physics to high school students and then shows them clips of Carl Sagan's Cosmos for levity or a little metaphysical provocation (whichever they choose to handle); and she is the lucky niece of an hugely generous and accomplished aunt who has always demonstrated that if you need to know it'll get done, you do it yourself, and you can; but that doesn't mean there won't be loved ones there to help you.