been a while for you but not for me

lili coffee shop
a place in pittsburgh PA

Lili Coffee Shop & Unknown // Pittsburgh PA // March 2013 // f2.8


It's been too long, but I have an explanation: I've been busy getting into the PhD program at Boston College, so that I can study the Sociology of Place, for a while, and for free. Living the dream: being paid to read, think, write, teach. Also, occasional free food and printing. Truly: dreams. 

Longer letter later. 


(but sooner)





I have compiled a commonplace book (zine), called CATALYST for a PUBLIC SOCIOLOGY, that is free, downloadable, and distributable (IF the citations are maintained in full!) and available under the "Media" tab in the "Print" section, or right here:


PDF // CATALYST for a PUBLIC SOCIOLOGY, Elise Largesse 2014

The PDF is formatted for double sided printing, cut into half (folded into quarter sized pages.) One or two staples on the fold should bind it together. Two covers are included in the PDF (for if you are printing one cover on card stock.)

Let me know if you've printed or distributed these; I'd love to know where they end up! Ideally all over the place.




Hello Reader!

Welcome to my work's brand new, still drafty and under-construction home. Pardon our appearance. 

GHOSTSAFE LIVE is the broadcast media of Elise Largesse, and possibly (hopefully!) collaborators and coconspirators.

GHOSTSAFE is an archive of works by the selfsame person. 

If we hang out, you'll probably be seeing your beautiful face up here. If you don't want your beautiful face up here, just holler at me.